J Bar Contractor's Services

Hill Country Builders Association: The HCBA discount is offered to both HCBA Builder and Associate   members of all divisions. No daily rate for the first 30 days on roll-off dumpsters ($3/day = $90 value per       dumpster). The 30 day fee waiver starts over for each consecutive dumpster delivered and/or swapped out. Not a member of the HCBA? Click here to visit their website and learn how you can be on the forefront of everything happening in the building industry. Not only will you pay for your yearly membership with your dumpster discount from one new build, but you'll be connected with an invaluable pipeline of information and tools. Support the association that goes to bat for you on a daily basis. Join Now! to start receiving your member discount.




My Town Housing - City of Burnet: J Bar Contractor's Services offers the following discounts in conjunction with the My Town Housing initiative: $20 discount, per dumpster, on roll-off dumpster rentals.  $10 monthly discount, per unit, on sanitary restrooms. Click here to view details about the My Town Housing program on The City of Burnet website. ​




Sales Tax Exemption on Roll-Off Dumpsters: If you are building new residential construction (single or multi-family) you qualify to exempt yourself from paying sales tax on roll-off dumpsters. Real property services are taxable services, but they are not taxable if purchased by a homebuilder as part of a contract to build a new residential structure (single, multi-family, and commercail residential such as a nursing home) or other improvement next to the new residential structure and used in the residential occupancy of the structure. There are six real property services: landscaping; the care and maintenance of lawns, yards, or ornamental trees or other plants; removal or collection of garbage, rubbish, or other solid waste; building or grounds cleaning, janitorial, or custodial services; structural pest control service; and surveying of real property. Click here to visit The Comptroller's website to read all of the details and restrictions. You can download an exemption form that has been partially completed with J Bar's information for your convenience. Once you have the form completed you can upload it to us directly through the submittion button below.

Standard Discounts
J Bar Contractor's Services offers the following discounts. Please let our office know you are participating in one of the following discount programs in order to take advantage of all of the discounts available to you.